How to Enjoy the TDiR Readathon

How to Enjoy the TDiR Readathon:

Some people have asked the question: What is a readathon? What does this readathon entail?

I’m glad you asked! Here is a quick hit on what the readathon entails or “How To Readathon”.

Here is a step-by-step:

1.  Sign up!
With all the promotions I’ve done around social media, having readers complete the quick Sign Up Form allows me to have one place to keep track of who all is joining us. Here are the six items I ask for so you can see how fast it is and that I’m not asking for any real important information. All info gathered is kept private.
  • First Name
  • Email Address (to join mailing list - Optional)
  • Location (Country)
  • Did you join us in 2013?
  • Will there be others joining you (children) and how many?
  • How many times you’ve read the series

Basically, I’m giving you the option of joining the mailing list and I like to keep track of the number of participants and where they’re from. Simple as that!

2.  Join the community! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
Each of our groups on Facebook and Twitter have over 130 followers so there’s always a discussion going on. Our Facebook group tends to be more lively, but join one you prefer. We also have a minor presence on LiveJournal. More info where you can find us is on our Contact Us page.

3.  Read the books!
On December 1st, we start reading the Sequence beginning with Over Sea, Under Stone. One of the reasons we start earlier in December is so people can read the first book and then read The Dark is Rising during Christmas in which the book is set. Now, of course, this is not mandatory but many people like to read it this way.  There is also a full reading schedule posted on this site, or you can read at your own pace. Everyone has a different schedule so I want to keep it as open and inclusive as possible.

4.  Share your experience!
We’d love you know what your thoughts are on the books. Start a discussion on Facebook or Twitter, post a comment on our blog or on Susan Cooper’s Facebook page, email us, or write about it on your blog, Share your comments and opinions however you wish. And if you write a blog post, let us know and we’ll let the community know. All of us have a TDiR memory or moment to share.

5.  Enjoy yourself!
The readathon is all about re-living the magic of this series (or discovering it for the first time) with a global community that loves these books, too. Have fun and happy reading!

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